Fabric Flowers Wrappers for Wedding Candies, made in Fabric!


1. Where is Celebrity Forminhas (Celebrity Flower Wrappers for Sweets) located?

We have a handicraft factory in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo.

2. Is there a physical store where I can see the products?

We do not have physical stores yet, but we have a showroom in São Bernardo do Campo. It is possible to schedule a visit by email or phone to know our portfolio and even make an order!

3. What are the wrappers made of?

The wrappers are made manually, one by one, in fabric. We have serveral types of fabric, like Cotton, Jacquard and Shantung.

4. I did not find the color I need in the options, how do I?

Just select the option "Define by email" at the time of purchase and send the color references so we can search the option to your reference.

5. What is the lead time?

The standard lead time is 15 days. That is, after 15 days of payment, we will ship the order. 

6.  My Country/City is not listed for International shipment. How will I know about process and delivery time?

Don´t worry if your destination is not list as an option at the checkout. But before any purchase, inform your city (so we can register this new destination) to contato@celebrityforminhas.com . We will update the courie values and send you a note in 24 hours. After that, you´ll be able to select you city outside Brazil and see the prices and delivery time, in case of any purchase.

7. Which countries have a post delivery service?

Today we ship worldwide over 150 countries by Brazil Mail Service EMS (Correios).

8. How is the Post service that is used to ship my order?

We use EMS, an international service for shipping of goods with maximum priority of treatment, forwarding and delivery, administrated by the Brazilian Post Service. It allows shipment up to 30 kg and possibility of object tracking.

9. How will I receive my order?

The wrappers will be packed in cardboard box for safe accommodation during transportation.

10. How should I pack the wrappers if I do not intend to use them immediately?

Keep the packaging away from heat and moisture and without stacking to keep them intact.

11. What is the recommended number of wrappers per candy?

We recommend 1 for each sweet. The wrappers will be used to decorate the table during your event and constant change can detract from the visual effect of the table.

12. Are the wrappers reusable?

We do not recommend the reuse of them because of hygiene issues.

13. Do the wrappers accompany cellophane or acetate for the packaging of sweets?

No. These items must be supplied by the candy maker contracted by you.

14. What shape of candy can I use with the wrappers?

We have shapes for round or square candy. Check out the models in our product section.

15. What is the size of the wrapper?

The size varies by model, but the wrapper bottom is standard between 3.4 and 3.5 cm. We make other sizes for special candies, but check availability by e-mail!

16. Are there small variations between the wrappers?

Yes. This is a handmade product, done one by one. Therefore, small variations are allowed.