Flower Napkin Holder Model P1 (20 pieces)

$24.50 USD
Flower Napkin Holder model P1, made in fabric. Ribbon in Chanel style (white or off white) or acrylic ring.
The flower shape assures beauty to your wedding decoration and gives a suprise to tour guests at the wedding table. Also can be used at home receptions and special occasions.
Made of fabric, with several layers of delicately shaped petals for a perfect floral effect, ideal for wedding decorations, receptions, engagements.
Impress your guests with all the details of your event. This item is a great option to customize your event, including as wedding souvenirs with its unique design and various color options.
Approximate diameter of 6,5 cm.
If the color you want is not in the product options, choose "define by email" and we will define via e-mail the color you want. Send to contato@celebrityforminhas.com
Lead time: 15 days after confirmation of payment. The delivery time, therefore, WILL BE 15 DAYS PLUS THE TIME INFORMED BY THE COURIER.
Each kit consists of 20 pieces. Ex: to buy 40 units, check the "2" option in the quantity field.
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